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Articles - Natural Disasters & 2012

5 Natural Disasters Headed for the United States
Earth is one rough place. Even the most devastating storms of recent years pale in sheer destructive power against outsize natural disasters of the past, such as continent-smothering ice sheets, ocean-raising floods, super volcanoes and the occasional asteroid.

Recent Sumatra earthquakes precursor to probable mega Volcano in 2012 that can end human civilization
Simultaneous Terrestrial and Solar polar reversal in 2012 accompanied by recent tectonic movement as well as harmonic tremor in the area shows high probability of a mega volcano in 2012 in that area.

Earth Changes, 2012 and Eschatology pt. 1
Considering all the earthquakes, volcanic activity, and extreme weather we have been experiencing, it's hard not to have apocalyptic thoughts and speculate that we may be approaching the end of time.

2012 completes 74,000 year cycle of super volcano
2012 completes a 74,000 year cycle of super volcano – all signs point towards a massive under...

206 Earthquake Prediction Trends
By Lance Winslow Earthquakes in 2005 set the pace early on, even days before 2005 got...

Inside 2004-2012 Solar Window
By Will Hart In an article published in AR, early in 2004, I presented the case that we are...

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