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The “37 Food Items Sold Out After A Crisis” eBook Is Released by Absolute Rights and Necessary for Survival Situations

Absolute Rights reveals that Americans are proven to be over-confident and under prepared, they lack crucial survival items, and may not have a chance to buy them later.

Absolute Rights has surveyed and researched Americans to discover that many Americans are not prepared for survival in a crisis situation. This discovery caused Absolute Rights to release the “37 Food Items Sold Out After A Crisis” eBook to help Americans learn how to prepare for survival in a disaster or crisis situation.

These survival items have been broken down so people can get them easily and for less money than a family is currently spending on groceries, reveals the “37 Food Items Sold Out After A Crisis” eBook. Some of the things people can learn from the eBook are:

1) The first food item that will fly off the shelf, and how to store it securely.
2) Where to get the top 3 crucial items even if the family budget is very tight.
3) How to practically “smell” a food riot coming, and how to lock down supplies.
4) This ancient seed that can grow with little water, has more amino acids than an egg.
5) How to use this delicious food to its fullest. Use it to increase the life of any vegetables plus clean-up any dangerous spills and keep the house safe without toxic chemicals.
6) The kids will love this super cheap food item that is high in protein, folic acid, b vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber - and doesn't go bad.

The “37 Food Items Sold Out After A Crisis” eBook also covers what to do about water in a survival situation, because the public water supply system is normally the first public resource that fails during a disaster. The eBook also talks about energy, because so many Americans depend upon energy for survival.

Absolute Rights has included some invaluable bonuses to go along with the “37 Food Items Sold Out After A Crisis” eBook. These bonus reports are invaluable by themselves, and in combination with the eBook, anyone will have a complete survival library, adds Absolute Rights.

The first bonus report is the “Water Purification Quickstart” guide which shows how to easily make a water purifier. The second bonus report that Absolute Rights includes with the eBook is the “Survival Garden Plans” report, which shows how to set up a survival garden that can produce better quality organic produce than the grocery store sells. The third bonus report included with the eBook is, the “Off Grid Survival Backup Power” report that shows all kinds of survival tricks that do not rely on power. Absolute Rights will not include these bonus reports forever, so claim the bonus survival reports while they last.

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