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The Rapture of Darkness:
A Novel of Hope for the Coming Age

"Will St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes be fulfilled in 2012? ... are these the End Times?"

"The Rapture of Darkness" the inspiring story of an American Vice-President, an Irish Bishop, and a Professor of Antiquities determined to save the Catholic Church, America and the World before the arrival of the "Doomsday Date" of December 21, 2012.

“Finally, a novel has been written as an antidote to 'The Da Vinci Code' and 'Left Behind' series!"

Most believe that Cal St. Martin is the debonair professor of antiquities at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. But the new American president, Mike Rounds, knows the real truth—

Prof. Cal St. Martin is a man with a hidden past––and a secret mission.

Three days before the Presidential election, the story begins when a satellite falls from orbit and strikes Washington, D.C. Mike concludes that it isn’t a random event or terrorism when a strange gold box is found amidst the wreckage, addressed to—”The Future Bishop of Armagh, Ireland.”

Then, four members of the U.S. Supreme Court vanish without a trace and several top-secret stealth planes go missing. So, Mike goes to Armagh, Ireland to deliver the gold box to the new Archbishop, Diarmuid Martin, and sets out to discover who is responsible for the strange events.

Mike’s journey takes him into a world of international political intrigue, adventure, and religious mystery involving stolen relics, missing underworld leaders, end times predictions, and the prophecies of an obscure twelfth-century Irish saint named Malachy.

As Mike solves the mystery of who is responsible for the thefts and abductions, the Archbishop unravels clues left by Professor St. Martin which will answer the questions on everyone’s mind…

... Are these the Last Days?
... And will “Doomsday” 2012 really bring the end of the world?

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The Rapture of Darkness's subtitle is "A Novel of Hope for the Coming Age," and this is just what I found this book to be. A look at the current headlines suggests that a different age is indeed coming upon us, whether we like it or not, as traditional religious and political values are challenged as never before. This book does offer hope in the deep richness of our universal, Catholic (and not only Irish) heritage. It reads as fresh (and at times as dark) as today's newspapers, but it's also suffused with the light that comes from the Scriptures and the Church, including the writings of our 2,000 year heritage of saints. I was impressed with the author's knowledge of the great Irish saints, some well-known, and others hardly heard of anymore. He uses their legacies and prophecies to weave a gripping fantasy intertwined with modern American and world politics, and even a fair share of modern astronomy as well. The author also provides links to resources for those who would like to immerse themselves even further in the facts behind the fiction. I much enjoyed this creative, fast-moving adventure. It left me yearning to learn more of the lore and the wisdom of the Irish saints, to visit Ireland, to appreciate more deeply traditional Catholic values and once long-held American standards of gentlemanly conduct and dress, and the desire to read Mr. Spring's next book!

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The Rapture of Darkness:
A Novel of Hope for the Coming Age


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