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Articles - Unexplainable Phenomenon & 2012

Alien Nations 2012
by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

  • 2012 will be when the population of earth will accept that alien civilizations exist!

  • 2012 will be a time when people will be healed without doctors being present.

  • 2012 will be a time when people will accept that alien nations exist off planet earth.

  • 2012 will be a time when we accept that there is life on other galaxies beside ours.

  • 2012 will be the year of major discoveries on earth to support life in other galaxies.

If you knew what I knew would you share the information or keep it to yourself until the year 2012? What if it was not up to you alone? What if it was up to the many who also knew the truth to wake up and share in the knowledge that we are not alone in the universe? Would you be in fear of being shunned and ridiculed? What if you made a choice to be one of the light workers. What if you are here at this time on earth for a purpose? What if you agreed to share the truth so that others could benefit? What if you now know that you were fortunate to have lived before and agreed to share this time on earth? What if you knew you had a part of the truth that was to be released in this time and dispensation on earth. Are you part of the alien nations 2012?

The intelligent beings that we think we are do not compare with the alien intelligent beings that are now monitoring earth and always have. We are a race of humanoids put on earth by ancients and we are created in their images.

It is inevitable the way that the bodies rotate in the galaxies. There are wormholes that come and go that can be predicted by intelligent beings that explore the galaxies. Every thirteen thousand years or so there is the center of our galaxy we call the Milky Way in perfect alignment that could be seen from earth. Many beings one earth have been trained with the knowledge and it is up to them to share what they know with others.

There is a reason that we have certain memory codes in our genetic threads of DNA. There is also a reason that there is a raison de’ tre, reason for living not just existing. We are the star seeds of those who have come before us in ancient times. We are they who were planted here one of four root races and it was the plan for us to become the fifth. There are actually over 87 species of intelligent beings in the allied federation of intelligent beings that coordinate together to defend galaxies.

There are warring galaxies. For lack of better words, there are human beings that are coming up with a name for these warring beings . The grays are allies and have always been allies. They can come and go from the earth’s atmosphere much easier than the humanoids that we are designed after in form. Most all humanoids have the same torso, head, arms, legs, and similar equipment designed to breath an oxygen and hydrogen atmosphere.

We were designed as humanoids and intelligent beings who are in training for existence in the future of what is yet to come. Do you think that as a species of humanoids that we are ready to accept the truth of what really is outside of our own galaxy? There are many galaxies in this universe. But, we are the only inhabited planet in our own solar system. The earth is the only planet that has intelligent beings. Mars was once inhabited but is no longer due to the change in the location of the planet due to an asteroid collision.

At one time, the earth was not located in the present position. Mars was located here and had the same makeup as earth. Mars was knocked out of the position where earth is located now while rotating around the sun. Both planets are still in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Andromeda Galaxy is the closest inhabited galaxy with intelligent beings. There are others. There are more than 87 varieties when we had last count given. There are many human beings on earth that are presently aware of the many alien humanoid beings due to some have crashed on earth. Some crashes were planned and others were simply accidents after coming and leaving earth’s atmosphere.

For instance, the Roswell crash was actually two alien spacecraft that were on a mission to earth. There were actually five (5) alien spacecraft left in strategic positions on earth. The Roswell spacecraft commonly referred to as a galaxy universal shuttle (GUS) was left intact. The alien spacecraft that was picking up the two grays allies had picked up the two pilots. The four pilots known as our allies and grays as they are called on earth could be considered small or little people. The grey suits they wear are of a mesh that has not been seen on earth prior and the filaments were for protection.

The two pilots that were flying the older alien aircraft were killed on impact. The two that had flown Gus were injured. One severely, and one would have lived had he not been shot by a trigger happy troop of the army at the time.

The two alien spacecraft were found. One was in pieces over a scattered area. This was the one that imploded while still in the air before crashing. It was a small miracle that two of the pilots lived. Unfortunately, at the time, human beings were too afraid of what they represented. At the time nuclear propulsion was being used. The alien spacecraft was fueled by nucleonic fusion of a type that is not known on earth. Basically, the alien spacecrafts can scoop up in a type of scoop in the front and it goes into the nuclear power generator and is separated from the trash. The nuclear trash then is thrown out of the back foil area of the alien spacecraft. There is back engineering available to us on earth when we are ready.

We will not however receive the actual alien construction nor the alien material used which of course is not of the earth. The material is formed on another planet as is the technology. In our history, we were once given technology too early in our evolution. It was a disaster. We then were shown alien aircraft coming and going. We have since been given a change and a chance for only a few of us to be considered as those who had progressed enough with an open mind to work not only with our governments but with the aliens. There are still people that do not want to believe the truth even after sixty years have passed and many people of that era in Roswell have since passed away. This is not acceptable of our human race.

This is the time to recognize that there are reasons for the aliens desiring to come and go. But, until enough of us can accept that they are our allies, and if the military will recognize that they will not be given complete control over the alien spacecraft then we can complete our missions on earth.

There is much to be considered. First, we must reach an agreement not to panic. We must all on earth realize that there is a race of intelligent beings that have chosen to rape and pillage planets in galaxies. They desire to take what they can for their own use and have no regard or empathy for other intelligent beings.

Then there are other intelligent beings that are humanoids who through the galaxies have created allies of many other humanoid intelligent beings. They have all banded together. They do not desire to interfere with our own progressions and evolution.

Some of the human beings on earth have been given the chance to make changes for us all. Some who I will not mention have taken the laser technology and nuclear weapons into consideration. We on earth have been found not ready to cooperate.

We are still warring among ourselves on earth. This is not good for other alien intelligent beings and they do not want to participate in our destruction.

It is the desire of the intelligent beings that we grow in our thought process, be it our spiritual growth as a whole planet of intelligent beings desiring to communicate, be educated in higher technology, and to be considered peaceful explorers of other galaxies. We are just now reaching the outer realms in the stellar regions of space.

There is much for us to know and NASA is the largest representative with the United Nations that is watched by our Galaxy Friends and Allied Federation of Galaxies. There is a high council that is chosen that rules and governs all of these intelligent beings. They live in another galaxy that is many light years away.

Time as we know it is not considered in their lives. They aliens work in shifts. The aliens are all assigned jobs and careers. The details are not important at this time.

What is important is that others on earth learn what I know to be the truth. That the countries on earth that are aware of the five (5) monitoring alien spacecraft allow for the inhabitants of this planet to know the truth. This is the beginning. The rest will happen with or without the governments approval by way of progress.

There is a reason for us to be here. There is a reason for us to learn that we are not alone on planet earth. Just as Columbus traveled from Spain to America, and found new ground, so will we when we are ready.

The reason that the aliens are not seen are for several reasons. They can come and go as they please now without fear. They are in the same bodies as humans of earth. They do not desire to cause alarm and for now with the way earth beings are so fearful and can panic at a moments notice, there has been no reason to make themselves known to all of humankind.

Many, they will consider the non-believers as stuck in the old way of thinking. This is inevitable and it has nothing to do with religion. Religion is a control and can cause fear. Fear among human beings has caused religious wars due to not wanting to change for fear of being outcast from the various cultural societies that human beings have created out of superstition.

There of course was always laws written that were passed down from above to assist us in our eternal progression. Some of these laws have been followed. Some have not. The reason for all the religions and wars all stem from control factors. There of course is the Bible, Koran, Kabala, Dead Sea Scrolls, Bag Avad Gita, and many other religious scrolls that have been translated from ancient languages and been misinterpreted in the translations from Roman, Hebrew, Greek, Coptic, and other languages.

There is no need for us to keep antagonizing poor countries into submission because of our own countries belief systems. They are all variations on the same theme. We all come from another place, another galaxy. This is no surprise. We all have spirits and souls. We are to return to our own kind to be counted among those who have progressed into intelligent human beings with a cause to assist others of our kind succeed and have health and prosperity.

There is a plan for all of us. There is a plan from our creators. The plan is now to introduce us to our future which includes other intelligent beings from other galaxies.

History will prove these words and there is no reason to wait until 2012 to accept this. There has always been alien landings and always will be. Don’t let beings control you with fear. There will always be some threats to our planet. There will always be ways to leave earth. What the alien spacecraft offer is a way to go to other galaxies in space. There are major space ports. One Flag ship and four carriers in orbit to be exact.

There is no better way to tell the truth. The alien spacecraft is kept hidden underground in America and there are two of us who have been chosen to fly GUS out of the hidden underground facility for all human beings to accept as our new beginning on earth. I am expecting the world and the United Nations to make the decision before 2012. If not, then maybe the Allied Council will agree with me if enough people unite in the understanding that we are not alone in this universe.

This is an acknowledgement that we are ready to work together on earth. There are people in power that know we exist. There are people who know that I speak the truth. But, there must be enough of us to prove to our alien allies that we can work together as one race of humanoid intelligent beings.

The beings will be working along side of us as they always have. The only difference will be that the population of beings on earth will be knowing what many have always known. The truth! War in heaven is inevitable, aliens exist, accept this fact of life, and all nations are alien nations under GOD. We are aliens to our allies.

Pyramids were built by human beings with the assistance of higher intelligence beings. One might be correct in saying that the pyramids were built as alien pyramids. The alien pyramids were built for a reason. The pyramids were built to serve as markers form space.

On earth, there are three sets of pyramids strategically located near the civilizations of human beings on earth. One set in Africa, one set in Egypt, and one set in Mexico.

Three sets in order to use as markers on earth from space, or to be seen from high above.

There is much intelligence of the ancient beings on earth that has been lost or is still hidden from view. We as human beings are suppose to search as part of our history. We are natural born peaceful explorers.

Exploring is what we do not just on earth but in space. If we are not exploring, then we should be teaching. If we as humans are not teaching then we should be learning. Three things that intelligent beings do are explore, teach, and learn.

Human beings throughout time in history have allowed certain sects to form and create belief systems, religions, and empires. History has shown that we have destroyed much of what has happened on earth due to some natural catastrophes but also due to some human beings and their cultural civilizations.

Fortunately, some of us are here to share some of the shards of truth that were destroyed.

For example, the Library of Alexandria, one historical archive location was burned and destroyed for the most part. This is but one example of our ignorance due to allowing warring social gatherings of beings power over the whole civilized population. There are so many times in our ancient civilizations history that made for loss of more than beings.

As a whole once civilized nation of intelligent beings on planet earth we must learn from our mistakes made in the past throughout time and history. This is now what the pyramids represent. If you need proof that ancient astronauts lived then look proof on earth and in space.

Intelligent beings do not exist without each other. Nor do other intelligent beings in another galaxy exist without desiring to assist other younger galaxies. We assist each other. This is our creators design. This is the plan. We explore, we teach, we learn, and we grow new environments, we learn from our experiences, we look forward to creating future growth, and due to our human nature, we are motivated to explore, teach, and learn. Survival is simply the mainstay of existing in order to exist on earth or another planet. This is not enough.

We have a master plan and are guided by the High Council.

These are ancient beings that have always been are aware of the power of the creator. There are higher intelligent beings who will assist the beings who live under their rule. There are masters of knowledge. There are those who are chosen to rule.

The pyramids are a reminder that we are not alone on this planet and that there are higher intelligent beings.

The pyramids were built and only later allowed for the Kings to use as burial chambers. These Kings knew that they were guided by those from space. Only the rulers and a few chosen spirit beings on earth were taught of the higher beings existence. For example, Moses being led by day and by night, is but one example of being led through wilderness by an alien ship. During that time frame, a being from above would have been called God because of the voice coming from the ship that only Moses heard. Hipparchus understood that systematically the stars shifted from positions with some divine intervention that was alien beings. There was very little interference in the evolution of the human race from those from upon high other than when was necessary. There are a few times when certain alien beings appeared to let certain people out of prison or to visit as alien beings from above. Some alien beings were considered angels and both were around at some times when nuclear technology was used to destroy. Some alien beings, and angels were around when human beings just could not accept that there were beings who visited earth from space. One hard to believe fact and fascination was in numbers such as pi 3.14... And the number 12, 9600 used in ancient Babylon. On earth there were those of a civilization that were in the know about alien beings coming and going from space. Since, it was hard to rule a young planet with new human beings, there was time needed to evolve. There is proof that alien beings, as well as, angels have always existed on earth.

For historians, look far beyond those known civilizations of the Minoans, and Cretes, in a time before the ice age one earth. There are findings left to search out as explorers on earth. There was a time of Lemuria and Atlantis. There were times on earth when human beings were given technology that was to sophisticated for their people. Destruction occurred during that time that was created by human being on earth. The Lemurians were a peaceful civilization with many great qualities. Atlanteans were a great race but were not as intelligent and peaceful enough to handle the high technology of nuclear and laser technology. We once again had to wait for human beings to evolve in mental capacity.

We are now ready to embrace theories about space-time and other theories that excel the speed of light. We are more able to accept truth as more than being science fiction and fantasy. Time is relative and not absolute. When we go to the space carrier one minute on earth equals one day in our space place. Time slows down as an object gains momentum in space. There are wormholes that can be traveled in space to get from one galaxy to another therefore bypassing what we know on earth as light speed, a theoretical limit of acceleration.

The Torah Code is ready to be broken and there are some keys and adjustments that have to take place first. If we can’t accept that alien intelligent beings assisted beings in building the pyramids, how can we as a race of intelligent beings on earth be trusted with the Torah Code? For researchers and seekers of the Torah Code and Da Vinci Code mysteries, follow and keep seeking mysteries of the pyramid markers.

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris writes about people, places, and things pertaining to "Alien Civilizations Exist!" She is a believer and supporter of the future and the accepts that other solar systems and ascended beings exist! She believes that we are not alone in this universe and that we are being visited by other beings more sophisticated than ourselves. She would be glad to speak on the subject and why she believes so strongly. You can read her articles and books. Visit her websites: and

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