Many of my sources tell me that we should expect and prepair for the beginning of a U.S. Economic Collapse sometimes between May and September of 2015.

Last week, Peter Schiff appeared on the John Stossel show on the Fox Business Network in which he lambasted the United States government for creating the moral hazard that transpired on Wall Street a few years ago. This moral hazard, says Schiff, is what led to the taxpayer-funded financial bailouts and if the free market was truly there then the big banks wouldn’t have taken dubious risks that ultimately left millions of Americans on the hook.

A global Economic Collapse is inevitable, and your only hope is to prepare yourself and your family for whats to come. I highly recommend reading the book “Conquering The Coming Collapse“. This book will set you on a course for continued survival after the crash.

Source: The coming economic crash will be worse than in 2008



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