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2012 December 21 2012 Alert Preparing Surviving
December 21 2012 life saving info. Give those you care for a chance against the DEADLY MEGA devastation headed at Mother Earth! Don't give in!

FACT: Before Humanity walked the planet or obviouly... there was any known Religion
The PRESENT Massive APPROACHING Earth's Wobble was a constant visitor...
And (STILL) like PRECISION clock work comes every 23,000 years!

FACT: As does OUR Solar Systems FORCED Solstices alignment takes place
But... it take place approximately every 26,000 years! ....


One having began (STARTED) approximately 15 years ago and increasing with never before seen and never before recorded activities as now in modern times violent GLOBAL clamatic Weather Events and the EARTH'S Wobble due to meet its finalization ON or before DEC 21 2012...
And... There is NOTHING that can stop this from taking place... the timing could not be worse!

With either one of these EVENTS capable of beating a deadly path to the door... combine the TWO and we have COLOSSAL DEVASTATING EVENTS ON A PERFECT COLLISION COURSE capable of taking out BILLIONS of HUMAN BEINGS WHO HAVE NOT PREPARED!!!

And... as usual and all to sadly ... The Skeptic has to learn by the unnecessary deaths of their loved ones invading their heart!
Sharing an answer back to a letter I received...
Much of what I share... is hard to do.. it sounds like some mystical old fool... but... I just share what your own instincts (and everyone's) should already be making you aware of ... common sense!...
Two thirds of humanity lives within 60 miles of the Oceans shores... and ALL are in Deadly TROUBLE!
All will have close to the same thing in common (for example one area)
By the end of 2009 middle of 2010 most of the Eastern sea board is going to be battered time and again by many massive surges from storms out to sea and that has nothing to do with torrential rains and hurricanes that you will be finding arriving long before December 21, 2012... You will see some of this sooner than you may think...

When the Earth's Wobble takes place (and it could very well do so before the exact moment or day of December 21, 2012) ... expect hundreds of tsunamis approaching heights that will swallow the tallest of buildings miles inland... and the earth ***all of it** will quake at the same identical time.... for LONG months until it re-settles...

Keep you and yours high levels up off the lower flood plains areas... some will change time and again... be MOBIL... able to move quickly from one place to the next... thousands of dams will be bursting, deserts turning to swamps... and rivers changing their courses as happened with the mighty Mississippi around the year 1812 and the lands quaked for over a year and that even without a known Earth's wobble....

Learn to stay fit... not necessarily strong... fit... learn to read the weather around you without a newspaper or radio... you and yours lives ..even now depend on your present wisdom... strengthen your instincts and senses paying attention to clouds and breezes... and never let anger ride shotgun in any decision making time...

There is proof our Ancestors... invented the shoe between 26,000 and 32,000 years ago... made and wove some of the very best of cloth ever made by a human being... even by today's best standards... and some of the precision tools they made back them could be used to perform brain surgery to this very day... small and so very sharp...

During that time... 32,000 - 20,000 years ago... New York City had a MILE HIGH GLACIER totally covering it... there had been and Earth's Wobble take place... and even up to another returned 12,000 - 8,000 years ago... speculated ICE AGE... the OCEANS were back over 400 feet and all around the WORLD humanity... lived on Islands and what would be shores some even miles out to sea... meaning... THEN even forced back... to today's shores... they were Survivors and we are their descendants! Whether in Europe or elsewhere... they survived and we are alive because they cared! And, now its our turn to make long ago and recent ancestors proud and thank them for the sacrifices they have made for us... by following their example and leaving a place in the world for the children of the future by preparing and surviving!

And, many of you will do even better... than those who left us the message that they loved us... again, make them proud... prepare and do all you can to protect you and yours and survive!


David C. Owens
The Veiled Prophet

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