Economic Collapse

A global economic collapse is a complete breakdown an devaluing of money. It is essentially an economic depression, where the entire world economies are in complete distress with little or no chance of recovery. Economic collapse is generally brought on be hyperinflation, stagflation and financial-market crashes, and brings about civil unrest and highly increased poverty levels.

In many ways the global economic collapse has already began. This is evident by the extreme division of wealth between the rich and the poor. The rich are becoming “very, very rich” and the poor are becoming financially desolate. This holds true not only for individual people, but for entire countries around the world.

As it stands, the United States currently has the strongest economy. The U.S. dollar is considered to be the world currency and is used to buy and trade all of the worlds oil supplies. It is also being used to artificially prop-up other failing world currencies. Unfortunately the U.S. dollar is in a rapid state of decline and is itself being propped-up by nothing more then a promise and a printing press.

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