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Mayan Orbs

Sent by Kyle
What do you think, is this also a Mayan orb in front of me, and if so, what does it mean ????

Sent by Irene
A friend had just came from holding his grandbaby and everyone thought it was energy residue from him holding his grandchild, but to me it looks Mayan.

Sent by Steve
Sometimes there is just something strange in your photos, Well here is one of mine, We took this 10/08/08 @2:58 PM in our master bedroom during remodeling, Looks like the Mayan Calendar to me.

Sent by Celeste
Taken in the hallway of the Doubletree Orlando about fifteen minutes after I won the Masters Juried Competition for Face-Painting. I believe this is a sign that my win was to share this message with the world.

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