NO, The world did not end on December 21 2012

. . . but you can rest assure that the prophecies have been fulfilled. 


Pope warns church must find new balance or fail

Pope Francis has warned that the Catholic Church's moral structure might "fall like a house of cards" if it doesn't balance its divisive rules about abortion, gays and contraception with the greater need to make it a merciful, more welcoming place for all.

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Black Panther Party Declares War

The leader of the New Black Panther Party said via twitter “…We’re at war”.

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Vatican sex abuse scandal: Priests paid to leave

Vatican sex abuse scandal: Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of Milwaukee at the time, oversaw a Vatican plan to pay some priests accused of sex…

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Proud to be White

This is great. I have been wondering about why Whites are racists, and no other race is......

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What is FEMEN?

A feminist Ukrainian protest group based in Kiev, founded in 2008. The organization became internationally known for organizing controversial topless protests against sex tourists, religious institutions, international marriage agencies, sexism and other social, national and international topics

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Feminist discourse in Pakistan

For many years, Muslim women have always been sidelined from obtaining or competing for equal benefits like men. This contributed to the rise of Feminism Movement in Pakistan that advocated for equal political, economic and social privileges for women.

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