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The coming events of December 21 2012 have sparked a great deal of controversy throughout the world. Many have accepted the fact that change is coming, while other adamantly disagree with the facts, theories, prophases and predictions surrounding 2012. Some react out of fear, some are in denial, others have not done their research and many simply can not grasp the concept of a new beginning.

One of the goals of this website is to give people a voice, a place to express their thoughts, their opinions and their fears about the coming changes to our planet. We welcome your opinions and invite you to give us your input on the coming events of 2012, the signs of change you are already seeing and on this website in general.

Post your personal video blog on YouTube, Google, MySpace or any other video sharing site, and send us the link so we can post it here.

Please send the link to your personal video blog to

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