December 21 2012, The official Website for 122112 Information December 21 2012, The official Website for 122112 Information

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Time is quickly running out and your 2012 related website, product or service has a limited shelf life. It's time to move forward with a marketing campaign that will get you results. and the entire 2012 Network of sites, associated blogs and social networking sites is offering you the opportunity to maximize your exposure and increase total sales. . . and best of all, we are doing it at a price you can afford.

"The banner ad for my novel, The Ezekiel Code, has been running consistently on the website for many months and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. It brings more bang for my advertising buck than any other venue I have tried. This is definitely the place to advertise your product or service if it is related to the 2012 phenomenon."
Gary Val Tenuta

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December212012 NetworkEach of our registered and search engine ranked websites, blogs and social networking sites will feature information dedicated to December 21 2012 and the events leading up to that date. Since the "2012 Network" deals solely with 2012 related information, the site visitors are guaranteed to be interested in your products and services, and your targeted advertising efforts can be a high profile, low cost way to route these viewers to your offerings.

Quick Facts
Demographics - Our visitors include 58% Male 42% Female, ages 18-34 40%, 35-49 32%
Impression Click-Through Rates - Some ads get as high as 3% CTR with well over 200,000 Impressions per month.
AD Delivery - Ads run in dynamic rotation with all other ads
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Traffic - Based on a yearly average. we receive between 150,000 and 300,000 Unique Visitors per month conservatively with well over 4 million page views from 73 different countries around the world.
Tracking - You will receive an automatic weekly email progress report of your Ads activity.
2012 Network of Sites - Your Ad will run accross our entire network of sites which include:

The Official Website

The 2012 Survival Guide


2012 "101" A Beginners Guide

The 2012 Blog


The 2012 Store

2012 CafePress Shop


Supporting Sites

2012 YouTube Channel on Facebook


December 21 2012 Twitter


December 21 2012 Blog


The number of people currently on the entire 2012 Network of website is hit counters <<< Click icon for additional stats.

When I created my 2012 based business I decided to advertise on only one website, It was the best investment I could have made at the time. Needless to say, John and his network of websites helped start my business and I haven't paid for advertising in a very long time. When I want to advertise for a 2012 event or feel like I need more 2012 targeted traffic in a flash, I turn to John from Thanks John.
Dennis McClung

All advertising campaigns must be ON TOPIC and related to the coming events of 2012. We will not assist you in promoting inappropriate content or content that discredits our goal of providing relevant and appropriate information to our site visitors.
If you are unsure about the relevance of your particular advertising campaign, please contact us for preaproval of your banner and associated website.
All noncompliant orders for advertising will be rejected and your payment will be returned minus any transaction fees associated with your purchase.

All submitted banner AD art, associated website content and proper link designation are the sole responsibility of the advertiser. Once a banner AD campaign has been submitted and approved, it can not and will not be changed, temporarily suspended or redirected to a different URL. All sales are final, requests for refunds partial or whole will be denied. There will be no exceptions.

Pricing and terms subject to change without notice.

The "2012 Network" is committed to helping you get the most out of your advertising dollar with our many advertising options. Browse through the current options and contact us with any questions.

All new Banner AD purchases will run until
December 20 2012

Run of Site(s) Banner Advertising
Top Banner (392x72)
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CPM: Unlimited Impressions and Unlimited Clicks
until December 20 2012

Availability: 15 available slots
See actual Ad unit above

Specifications: Your 392x72 pixel banner will randomly rotate near the top of each and every page of the 2012 Network sites and will link directly to the URL of your choice. To maximize your exposure, there will be no more then 15 banner slots available at any given time.

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Availability: 15 available slots
See actual Ad unit above

Specifications: Your 200x200 pixel banner will randomly rotate within the text content area and above each page video throughout our sites, and will link directly to your chosen URL. No more then 15 individual Ads will be permitted at any given time.

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