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2012 Olympic mascot reigns in New World Order

by: John

There is something very unsettling about the new 2012 Olympic mascot. If you are looking for yet another sign of the coming changes in 2012, I encourage you to read on.

The All-Seeing Eye, also known as the widget eye or 'Eye of Horus' comes from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The Egyptians saw this symbol as a representation of their God, which they believed will bring about “Ordo ab Chao” or “Order out of Chaos”. The Freemasons later adopted this single eye symbol as did their extreme group of elitist counterparts know as The Secret Order of the Illuminati. It is a prevalent part of their artwork and architecture throughout the world, and a conscious reminder of their ultimate goals.

The Secret Order of the Illuminati is also and anti-religious organization which believes that our very existence revolves around a great architect of the universe. They believe this perceived God uses a carefully orchestrated system of precise weights, measurements and geometry to define balance, continuing life and ultimate power. The ancient Egyptians as well as the ancient Mayans also shared this belief as represented by their extraordinary ability to so accurately build their pyramids in harmony with the universe. As a result, the Illuminati also adopted the symbolism of the pyramid and use it as a form of initiation into their exclusive organization.

These adopted symbols have been in place since the early 1700’s and have clearly represented the Illuminati’s desire to achieve ultimate power and eminent domain over the entire planet. Although the All-Seeing Eye and representations of the pyramid can be seen throughout the world, the combined symbolism has never been so prevalent as it appears in the seal on the reverse side of the United States one-dollar bill. This seal was approved and put in place by an elite group of elected political figures that were also members of the Illuminati. The single eye over an unfinished pyramid is a tell-tale sign of their desire to bring about a New World Order in a time of coming change as foreseen and foretold by the ancient Mayans.

In its simplest interpretation, the seal depicts the All-Seeing Eye illuminating the pyramid capstone, which hovers over an unfinished pyramid that has 13 steps. The Illuminati believe that after we have completed the 13 steps of ascension, the capstone can then be put into place atop the pyramid signifying the beginning of a New World Order. This 13-stage ascension is also significant as it relates to the Mayan Long Count calendar. Their calendar continuously progresses through a series of 5,125-year cycles know as baktuns. As each ba ktun cycles through, the world has been met with ever increasing turmoil. The 13th and final baktun will soon come to an abrupt end on December 21 2012 and will bring about a change behold our current level of comprehension.

This slow and steady ascension towards the coming change has been thousands of years in the making. However, over the last hundred years or so, we have seen a rapid increase in its progression. Most notably is the government’s ability to institute self-imposed chaos and the need for government intervention. The powers that be from all around the world have created a system of governing initiatives carefully designed to guarantee your unwilling participation. Over the next couple of years, you will either willingly become dependent on the progressive New World Order, or you will be taxed into submission. By the time we reach the date of no return on December 21 2012, we will be insisting that the world governments intervene and bring order to the chaos that they themselves so skillfully crafted. To achieve their goal of a one-world government, they are now and will continue to use scare techniques such as economic manipulation, environmental warnings as well as social and political unrest. They will utilize modern day technologies such as the internet and main stream media, and will institute carefully planed marketing campaigns designed to further manipulate an already receptive population. Which brings me to the following. . .

The Olympic games brings the world together in the spirit of unity and peace and is the perfect place to garner the attention of a large number of people. The architects of the proposed New World Order clearly recognize the signs of coming change and have every intention of exploiting the situation. What better way to instill a unified sense of trust then with a lovable non-threatening icon.

The International Olympic Committee in what seems to be association with The Secret Order of the Illuminati has now introduced the official mascot for the 2012 Olympic games. As you look at the Teletubbies inspired creature, your attention is immediately drawn to the whimsical representation of the All-Seeing Eye. The eye is crowned with what appears to be the capstone of the unfinished pyramid indicating ascension complete. Within the capstone is the letter “W” which could very well represent the word “World”.

The 2012 Olympic mascot named Wenlock along with his Paralympic mascot buddy named Mandeville are almost scary by design. Especially when you consider what could very well be their real purpose.

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