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Age of Aquarius - 11:11 AM December 21, 2012

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Age of Aquarius - 11:11 AM December 21, 2012
2012 isn't the end of time, it is the beginning of a whole new reality. The more scholars study the writings of the ancient Mayans, the more they are convinced that 2012 was not prophesied to be the end of the world, but the moment which will herald a momentous shift in human consciousness.

Exposing this ideal is what led me to write "The Aquarians," an adventure tale that takes four unlikely characters on a journey of scientific and spiritual discovery. Through them, a story unfolds that weaves together information about the Mayan calendar, dolphin echolocation, the Age of Aquarius, the 11:11 Phenomenon, and the idea that we must co-create the hopeful future we desire for ourselves and this planet.

Synchronicity and circumstance are not only the guiding forces at work in my novel, they are what shaped the story even before I wrote the first word. From the moment I declared that I was going to write a spiritual adventure, a never-ending string of unlikely miracles have occurred to make this book a reality. It is with awe and gratitude that I look back at the circumstances of the last few years, realizing now that all I had to do was keep my eyes, ears and heart open and my hands typing the information as it materialized!

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